That j3j3 thing you do

Posted: May 30, 2010 in Current Events, Humor, News, Short Musings
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I think the predecessors of this certain clique can be traced back to those people using words like ‘me’ and ‘u’ in lieu of ‘ako’ and ‘ikaw’ in a tagalog sentence in text messages; took a step further by forwarding quotes bearing the numerical likeness of the alphabet; then pushed it a notch higher to reach its status quo by making simple words confusing to understand thinking it’s “cute” and “creative”—thus, the birth of jejemons!

I was able to watch on the news last week of a reporter accosting a jejemon. Reporter asked this girl if she would heed the DepEd’s plea to do away with this new kind of language. Sabi nung girl “nasanay” na sya sa ganon.

Okey, so kung ganon pala ibig sabihin inaral din nya yun para “masanay” sya sa ganon, right? So, I guess pinag-aaralan na rin pala katangahan ngayon? 😀


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