Guys’ new best friend: Nivea ACTIVE 3 for men {Shower.Shampoo.Shave}

Posted: June 2, 2010 in Product Review, Products
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I’ve been using this product for quite some time already. I especially like the ‘shave’ part since its unique formula feels like you have also put on a pre-shave oil, which lets you achieve a noticeably smoother shave compared to regular shaving creams. I believe I don’t even need to buy those blades with lubricating strips anymore.

You only need to apply a modicum of the product onto a wet face (or generous amount, depending on whatever body part you want your hair strands removed, hihi) and it will lather up real nice. Actually, I’m gonna use this product solely for shaving from now on. Why? Unlike regular shaving creams stored in big aerosol-type cans, you can transfer the contents of Nivea ACTIVE3 into one of those small plastic travel bottles, which is perfect for guys, or even women, on the go. I have to admit, I’m the type of guy who hates carrying around big or heavy luggage. I embrace the idea of packing light every time I leave for a sojourn. With this product I think it’s truly a handy travel must-have if you’re planning for a week’s—even a month’s—vacation; you even save space in your bag for a wee bit more pasalubong, or additional abubot, hehe.

Reasonably priced at less than P150 per 250ml bottle which I bought at Watson’s store, it’s not bad…not bad at all…for shaving, at least. If you’re asking if I’m thinking of replacing my old shaving cream for this cool new product, then my answer is a very straight to the point…”sa haba ng sinabi ko, what you think?” 😀


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