In high school this time, we had a Math assignment and it needed the use of a certain tool called protractor to accomplish it. We didn’t have one at our house, so my mom told me to try to buy one at a nearby sari-sari store. Okay, no harm in trying. When I was there, I kindly asked the vendor if they have a protractor. “Meron,” vendor quickly responded. “Ayus!” They have one—or so I thought. 

I was surprised when the seller handed me a can of Del Monte. I gave it back and spoke clearer this time and said “Ay, pro-trac-tor po.” Vendor replied, “Kaya nga. Ayan o! Ibang brand ba gusto mo?” I was all flustered. I spoke louder and said, “Hindi po ‘to. Wala po sa lata ang protractor.” Vendor looking confused said, “Basahin mo nga!” I read the can. It reads: Del Monte Fruit Cocktail; to which I retorted, “Protractor ho! Protractor, hindi fruit cocktail!”

  1. BICCI says:

    labo nga..

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