A real “shoe”-in

Posted: June 12, 2010 in Personal, Short Musings
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Panalo ‘to! (Here’s a winner!)

After watching a flick, my girlfriend told me to wait outside the theater because she wanted to go inside the restroom first. While waiting at the movie entrance, I was looking at a young boy wearing Nike pumps ’cause I find his shoes trendy. After she got out the restroom I told the story to her, then mentions to me that earlier she was staring at a young girl’s footwear ’cause she finds ’em cute on her. As we rode the escalator and made our descent, I saw the kid again and pointed to his shoes. A few seconds later she brought my attention to the little girl that was wearing the cute shoes with heels. Just as we were about to lose sight of those two, the kids suddenly were walking beside each other, and we just realized that the little boy and girl belong to the same family.

What were the odds, right?! 😀


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