Photo of Hachiko movie poster courtesy of the Internet Movie Database

I was recently able to watch “Hachiko: A Dog’s Story” recommended to me by my girlfriend. Upon seeing the film, I instantly fell in love with this large Japanese dog breed, seeing as how very loyal and devoted it was to its master. This movie is an American adaptation, and is based on the true story of Hachi, the dog that faithfully waited for its master’s return. This Akita Inu developed a routine where it would accompany its master on his way to work, and welcomed his arrival by sitting at the same spot outside the train station, where the dog was first discovered by its owner (as a lost puppy). The dog owner, who was a college professor, took the train regularly to go to work; suffered a heart attack one day, and never came back home. 

Even after the professor’s death nine years later, the old dog kept on coming back every single day to the railroad station, still anticipating his return. People started noticing the loyalty and display of affection of Hachiko that they decided to offer money for the dog’s nourishment and general upkeeping, as it had patiently waited. Upon the dog’s own demise, a bronze statue was then erected in honor of the breed, to pay tribute to Hachiko’s unyielding devotion.

This is truly a touching movie—not to mention that upon my research on this dog and its breed, I’ve discovered that they are highly affectionate and intelligent as well. Now, I want to have my own Hachiko! This would make my girlfriend say, “Patay tayo dyan.” Right, girlfriend? 😛 

To know more about the Akita Inu breed.
To know more about Hachiko, the real one.
To know more about the movie.
No, I’m not going to put a link. If I were you I would watch the movie instead. It’ll be worth it.


But, if you insist on reading the entire plot.
Additional info on Hachiko here.

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