Photo of President Noynoy Aquino (Click on photo for original image URL)

The inauguration of President Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Cojuangco Aquino III was a celebration of a historic occasion, having been sworn in as the fifteenth president of the Republic of the Philippines yesterday, June 30, 2010, ending the term of the incumbency of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo; many would say, “good riddance.” 

After his simple initiation into Office held at the Quirino Grandstand, where it rained yellow confetti over a jubilant crowd, he made a very bold speech, announcing and enumerating his to-do list as the new leader of this nation. His promises were like music to our ears: a litany of challenges that he shall fearlessly face and provide answer; thrust upon him by the people, whose unquenchable thirst for true change had been on their mind, their heart, since a new chief executive was finally elected. A vociferous reaction for each of P-Noy’s stalwart vows was a sign that real change, maybe, is finally near, like a baby crowning out of his mother’s womb and into her waiting arms. 

A hearty feast was obligatory for a new president to partake. But, befitting of Noynoy’s modest lifestyle, it was different. The dishes were of indigenous origin but given an exquisite presentation; enough to still satisfy a connoisseur, I would believe. He did not let the budget for a fine-dining experience with dignitaries from different nations go overboard. 

On his first day going to work, P-Noy made use of the presidential convoy. Choosing to ride in his own transportation (a Toyota Land Cruiser, not a government-issued Mercedes Benz presidential car we were used to see) they followed the rules of traffic, by stopping at all red-lit traffic lights. What’s pleasantly surprising is that, along with his motorized entourage, they were as silent as a group of parading monks in a monastery. They did not use those annoyingly infamous wang-wang or blaring sirens to get the motorists’ full attention by practically screaming, “make way!” or “coming through,” even though it is a prerogative of his. These acts of humbleness are exactly what this country needs in order to unite everyone. He springs into mind the proverbial “practice what you preach” message, upon seeing these televised reports—and he is!

 As of today, his directive of seizing private vehicles with sirens, blinkers, and even fog lights, is now in effect. This is a start of something good.

It feels like an auspicious turn of events, given the different atmosphere that enveloped, following his transition to power. A dark cloud is cast away and a new day is upon us, with the sun shining brightly above the sky, once again. But, lest we forget, promises are mere promises; the rest remains to be seen. Is he a man of his word? It is far better to hear promises that were fulfilled, rather than those that were broken. Nevertheless, let me also tell you this: he means business, people! It’s high time someone puts an end to the rule of crooked politicians, for a better tomorrow. We are all counting on this man now. Let him carry the symbolic torch of hope forward.

Inauguration of President Noynoy Aquino, June 30, 2010


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