A mismatch indeed! (Ip Man 2)

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Humor, Movies, Short Musings
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I had the chance to watch the follow-up movie of the life of Bruce Lee’s trainer, Master Ip Man, on “Ip Man 2.” After having watched the entire film, I overheard someone say that the battle between Chinese Wing Chun martial arts grandmaster Ip Man and English heavyweight champion boxer “Twister” was a total mismatch, because (for less obvious reasons)…the former was wearing a dress, while the latter wasn’t

Scene from "Ip Man 2"

For the life of me, I just didn’t get that. I could understand if it’s a difference in weight class or fighting style. But to compare the fighters’ garb was just ridiculously astonishing, as the speaker meant it in the most serious way.

Anyway, this action-packed film (much like the first one) will really get you excited from start to finish, and will surely be a part of my movie collection once it gets released on DVD!


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