Why sometimes it’s much better to be a child at heart
This photo of a rural child was photographed b...

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We blame each other. We nitpick. We turn opinions into debates. We engage in wars that destroy countless lives. We, in some extent, are diabolical. We are ADULTS. 

If we care enough to look deeply at a child we’ll find that they are innocent but more affectionate than we are; more contrite than we are; more humble; more forgiving; mischievous but not diabolical. It’s because children haven’t learned the ways of being adults yet. As we grew up to become the adults we are now, we have already learned and have been taught many things—sadly, many things that make us hate each other more, instead of understanding each other better. 

I highly praise one particular Filipino teenager named Reigno Jose Dilao, for having the heart of the child to apologize in behalf of the adults who have yet to understand amidst all the bickering. Kudos also goes to Mr. Jackie Chan, the international action star, for being a child at heart as well, as he understands that the Philippines’ August 23 bus siege could have happened anywhere in the world; that love should reign supreme above everything else. 

It’s never the right time to blame each other or gang up on people’s mistakes and failures. We’re not infallible, we’re just adults.

 My supplemental entry regarding this post can be found here

  1. Sheenah says:

    Hey Mon,

    This is a very agreeable post. Mas madaming alam, mas madaming pwede gawing kalokohan. Anyway, kudos to your blog, ang ganda! 🙂


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