I was at the Makati Medical Center the other day and went to the Medical Records Office to obtain some documents. I took a number and wrote down my name, as instructed. When my number was called, I approached the counter where a customer service representative greeted me and asked what my concern was. Clearly he was a happy camper that day since the guy was all smiles at everyone, including at me. Though, I just found it odd and amusing at the same time when we were nearing the end of our conversation. Anyway, you be the judge of this:

Customer Service Rep: …Okey, sige po. Apelyido na lang po?
(Pagkalipas ng mga sampung segundo)

Customer Service RepPERALTA ano po?
Me: A, EDMUND???
Customer Service Rep: Okey, sige po. Saglit lang po.

(English translation)
Customer Service Rep: …All right, sir. Your surname, please?
(Nearly ten-second pause)

Customer Service RepPERALTA, umm?
Me: Umm, EDMUND???
Customer Service Rep: Okay. Thank you, sir. Just one moment, please.

Well, I don’t know about you, guys, but I think it’s better if the rep didn’t bother to ask for my surname, and instead just asked for my full name straight away. 😀


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