The best Batman animated film I’ve seen so far

Posted: September 11, 2010 in Entertainment, Movie Review, Movies
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Batman: Under the Red Hood

Batman: Under the Red Hood is the best direct-to-video Batman animated film I’ve seen so far! How I wished the movie was longer and hoped they could have still used Kevin Conroy to voice-play the Dark Knight, as, for me, he possesses the best commanding tone for our beloved Caped Crusader. The one who voiced over the Joker sounded a bit like the late actor Heath Ledger’s Joker voice at times. Having said that, the vocal talents used were all topnotch. 

What truly grabbed my attention in this movie was the reason behind the different route the Red Hood was taking just to “control” crime, belittling Batman and his failed attempts to eradicate the crime lords of Gotham. Later, at the crux of the story, would reveal as to who the mysterious Red Hood was and why he’s taking vengeance into his own hands. Of course, any Batman film wouldn’t be as wickedly good as it is without his archenemy the Joker. And since the Joker is in this film, it’s safe to bet that this is going to get a whole lot madder! Just saying.   

A warning though: this can get pretty violent for kids to watch. So don’t let ’em watch this! 

Here’s what you get:
Nightwing (original Robin/Dick Grayson)
Robin (second Robin/Jason Todd)
Ra’s al Ghul
Black Mask
mysterious new Red Hood 

A detailed plot of the story can be found here

For all the Batman fans out there, you must watch this! The only thing that I found disappointing was the running time at only 75 minutes.

Additionally, there’s also an extra of a short feature on Jonah Hex that you will surely enjoy, even if you’re not a fan. Nicely detailed animation, I must say! 

Also, here’s a video preview of another Superman/Batman tandem out this year. Looks kinda promising. Click here


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