The new iPod Nano as a watch?

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Musings, Products
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The preview of the 6th gen iPod Nano player got a lot of mixed reactions, lately. I read on the spreadsheet last week that the reviewer didn’t really like the redesigned model, as it removed a lot of functions found on the previous version, to compensate for its more minuscule size. But he did make a nifty suggestion, though: he thought that it would make for a cool watch. Indeed!    

For its shape and size, I think it would have been an absolutely viable, terrific miniature media player that you could wear on your wrist, and could tell time as well. Since the new Nano is equipped with full touchscreen operation, the engineers could have made a home screen dedicated entirely to timekeeping functions, and just swipe to cycle through different screens if you need to listen to music or whatnot. Why didn’t Apple make the overhaul and transform it completely into a music player-slash-timepiece? I mean, they do want to keep their customers glued to their product lines, right? I know it’s just a personal opinion but it would have been a great innovation; it would have been a fresh take on the already old Nano lineup. They should have just removed the built-in clip and just put on fashionable ‘interchangeable’ rubber or plastic wrist straps on this thing, and probably provide wireless or bluetooth earphones instead (or include bluetooth connectivity), ’cause who would really want to use an MP3 player with a wire sticking out of someone’s watch and plugged to their ears? It would look like you’re wearing a digital “ear” monitor, and that would look somewhat awkward. 😀 

The price will go up for sure if this had come to fruition, but I think it’s well worth the revision. 

So I did my search and it seems that iLoveHandles already had that idea in mind and they’re already offering straps for the player. This is what it looks like:   

Image via


I guess, for a quick solution, this would do nicely. But turning the Nano into a bona fide watch would be Apple’s job, if they care to go in that direction.


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