Duct tapes are super awesome!

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Musings, People, Products, TV Programs
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I have been a fan of “MythBusters” for years already. Since the inception of the program via the Discovery Channel, I always get excited each time they perform their tests, employing scientific approach in busting or confirming myth after myth of known urban legends; popular internet rumors; and sometimes outrageous concepts.

It was said on the program that if MacGyver were to endorse a valuable versatile tool it wouldn’t be the Swiss Army Knife, but the silvery water-resistant adhesive known as Duct Tape. Aside from being designed as a patching, sealing, bonding, sticking agent; it can also be used as a building material, to create strong structures that would otherwise be seemingly impossible to construct without, say, cement, wood and nails. The team of experts from “MythBusters” had tried a bunch of experiments from their first duct tape episode, to test the mythical attributes (adhesiveness, durability and strength) of duct tapes which, if you were able to watch the full show, the results revealed would astound you.

Duct tape’s adhesive strength is strong enough to support the weight of an automobile (for a few moments, before ultimately ripping apart) as shown in this test:

Below are some of the more fascinating and unbelievable uses of duct tapes

From the YouTube video below, you will be able to find out how to create your own billfold using the reliable adhesive:

Have you imagined if it’s possible to make a genuine black-powder powered cannon?


The most awesome part from the first special that I really enjoyed watching was the dynamic duo of Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, making a seaworthy sailboat out of nothing but duct tape. Of course it wouldn’t take the shape of the familiar vessel, if they had not put some steel framing in it. But the project was a complete success as evident in this video:

Ever thought that it could be used to hold together a car that had been practically dismantled to bits, and could still be driven at high-speed? Check this out:

From their recent duct tape special, the group turned their sights to building a full-sized hanging foot bridge 100 feet long, and suspended about 50 feet off the ground from, you guessed it, nothing but rolls of the tape, which is also called: Duck Tape, Rigger’s Tape, Gaffer’s Tape, Tank Tape, Hurricane tape, and 100-mph Tape.

What will the team think of and do next to the all-around duct tape? I can’t wait! In the meantime, off to the next myth!

  1. Sheenah says:

    It’s adhesive enough to pull your skin. I had this crazy idea of pulling a friend’s hair using duct tape until I was warned that his skin may be peeled off. Hahaha. I love duct tapes too! Along with retractable measuring tapes and the Swiss army. 🙂

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