NASA StarChild image of Stephen Hawking.

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A surprising notion that has been popular lately is that what once thought to be science-fiction, is later on becoming science-reality. Time travel may just be bumped up to the same category soon. The most brilliant mind alive, Stephen Hawking, suggested during his recent documentary show “Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking,” that time travel should be possible.     

One way to traverse time periods is by getting yourself sucked into a black hole. The immense gravitational pull, if you can manage to survive it, opens up a worm hole which acts as a natural time machine. But no need to fret, worm holes exist everywhere, including on Earth, albeit usually very tiny to be detected by the naked human eye. If you feel that you find yourself stuck at a dead-end without any luck in finding that elusive minute time portal, another way to travel through time, one need only be moving really fast—as fast as the speed of light (approximately 186,282 miles per second), which, if I may digress for a moment here, I would like to ask: Is the Flash fast enough to be able to move at the speed of light? If so, can he be considered a Marvel Comics superhero time traveler? 😛     


Regrettably, the renowned British theoretical physicist and cosmologist also added that you can only travel forward into the future but not back to the past, meaning you won’t be able to see the period when dinosaurs ruled the earth. If that is correct, then that means that Doc Brown and Marty McFly from Back to the Future movie trilogy would not have been able to successfully make the journey back to the past, to correct or slightly alter certain events in the first place, because scientifically—well, more of theoretically, at this point—that would have been an absolute impossibility. Of course, this was just a fictional film.     

In my older blog post “There is life after 2012,” it contains a video of a man who supposedly met his future self, by accidentally traveling through space and time, in what could be described as a worm hole in his kitchen sink. The incident caused quite a media stir, for he purported that he was able to capture the whole meeting with the use of his camera phone. The man claimed that all of it was real; having heard Mr. Hawking’s suggestions, maybe it was. Now, there are also other factors that have not panned out yet in the said blog post, like parallel universe. What if in the year 2012 the world as we know it does wave goodbye [knock on wood], how was the man able to meet his future self several years beyond the dreaded 2012 scenario? If the man in that video was indeed telling the truth and holding the irrefutable evidence about the possibility of time travel, could it be that the one he met was his future self from another dimension? Only time will reveal and reward us with the truth.   


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