Kick-Ass (film)

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Even before Kick-Ass played in the big screen, I have been perennially puzzled as to why there hasn’t been a superhero copycat to actually exist yet. This was four or 5 years ago, when my friend and I were whiling away the hours one tiring evening. I broached the idea that a superhero à la Batman would show up first, because a musclebound masked man having no actual superpowers is more realistic to encounter in the forseeable future, than an alien from a dying planet with full anatomical human features, to crash-land on our planet per escape pod.   

Just as young Dave contemplates before becoming Kick-Ass, I also wonder if someone out there is up to the task of being a masked vigilante, helping out the helpless and the weak, and duty-bound to upholding justice. I trust my gut feeling this will come to fruition one day. The day will come when there will be a person (maybe not wearing spandex, though) garbed in a utilitarian costume (perhaps sans the regal cape), equipped with armaments strapped to him/herself hiding behind a mask, who will safeguard the city and prowl the night for evildoers.   

Advancements in science and technology in all fields have come a long way already. We have seen world-class athletes performing almost superhuman feats, breaking world records. We have known multi-billionaires developing hi-tech computing devices. We are witnesses to the most brilliant mind alive today, possessing answers to all of life’s undisclosed questions. Combine those and you get a masked Stephen Hawking on roids, running on Windows 7! In my peculiar mind, a wheelchair-bound Stephen Hawking is merely a put-on and he can actually walk and talk normally when under the hood—which is the perfect disguise (ever!)—after having intravenously injected a special liquid concoction to himself, with a costume specially made for him that features nano technology and running on a computer software, for enhanced strength and agility! Of course, I’m just joking about the roids part earlier, but wouldn’t it be amazing to think of the possibility to see one in action? Science is at the brink of understanding and harnessing these advancements in technology which, to me, reinforces my firm belief on seeing these superhumans in the future.   

But going back, why hasn’t someone attempted this already? We have all read or still read comic books. We know that superheroes are popular. Is it because with great power comes great responsibility, so the mere thought of it feels overwhelming already? Or is it because they are afraid that if their identity gets compromised, all of their loved ones and their normal life would suffer the consequence? Anonymity is a precious gift. Hiding behind a costume and under the hood is by far the best way to transforming one’s trivial appearance into his or her superhero alter ego. Raising a sword towards the heavens and shouting a short phrase to summon its magical powers, to let lightning sparks fancily undress you and reveal your bushy underwear, like a classic cartoon I know (although I must admit that was awesome), is not doing it. Removing one’s dress isn’t really concealing your countenance, is it? In fact, it’s doing the opposite and revealing more parts than they should. Anyway, in the real world, no super crime-fighter wannabe would try to conceal his or her superhero identity, by hiding behind non-prescription spectacles now, would they? Again, just kidding as I grew up loving this comic book superhero. Though, for the longest time, I just don’t get how come they can’t recognize Clark Kent as Superman with his eyeglasses on? 🙂   

Maybe not all of us are meant to become super crime-fighters. But as certain as the sun rises and sets, we will bear witness to the birth of a domestic superhero. Now, when that happens, we all know that soon one of the villains will be elevated in rank and become a supervillain/supervillainess; it is how the world works. One would not exist without the other, as the saying goes. But if the time comes when these supervillains are running amuck in the streets and the domestic superhero feels outnumbered and helpless, maybe then shall an alien from a dying planet with full anatomical human features would crash-land on our planet by means of an escape pod, and become the protector of the whole planet.   

 Hm, maybe I’ll just stick to the Batman theory first…   



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