Beating mosquitoes and dengue the DoST way

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Current Events, Products, Technology
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An Ovitrap, a tool for the detection of Asian ...

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The battle between man and the tiny mosquito is perpetual. Sadly, here in the Philippines and in most countries, it has been a lopsided victory where mosquitoes have been on the winning side, and our race continue to suffer a great number of losses in human lives. But the time has finally come when we are now taking this serious matter into our own hands. 

Recently the DoST (Department of Science and Technology) announced that for the new batch, they would be making a more concentrated solution for their ovitraps, which would further strengthen its killing efficacy in the fight against those disease-carrying blood-suckers. Once field tests are performed with the new enhanced solution applied, and laboratory analysis yields favorable data, it will soon be made available to the public.   

An ovitrap is a black plastic canister holding an organic compound solution developed locally by our epidemiologists, and uses a piece of wood. It is used to target nearby breeding grounds of those pesky insects; serving as mosquito traps by luring them in to their watery prison, with no possible means of escape. 

It is a laudable effort by the Department to beef up its campaign and to finally eliminate the cause of unwanted mortality in the populace. Since it is made from natural materials, it is safe for humans and the environment. You guys rock!  



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