Just discovered a new toothpaste from Unilever that everyone will surely love. It’s CloseUp’s ‘White Now’ Glacier Fresh-flavored toothpaste! This clinically proven unique toothpaste promises to give you instant whiter teeth after just one brushing. It works by coating the entire enameled part with the special blue-colored gel formulation, through brushing. The treated set then simply reacts to the light reflection, giving off an ocular appearance of whiter, brighter set of dentines.

My teeth before brushing with new CloseUp's 'White Now' toothpaste

I really hate my jaundiced-looking teeth so I decided to try this gel immediately after getting home, to see if it really works. But, lo and behold, it does! 

The result after brushing. Doesn't appear to be different, but trust me it works

With just one application I showed it to my girlfriend and she really did see a significant improvement to my discolored teeth. Although in an insufficiently lit environment, she hardly noticed the same “bleached” effect when I flashed her my winning smile. Though it does say the optical effect is temporary, it actually lasts longer than what I initially expected; enough to keep me confidently smiling when I’m around her. I kept showing my new whiter teeth in front of her for any changes, and I believe it lasted almost an entire twelve-hour period, before the effect completely wore off and reverted to its original yellowish tint. By the way, the instruction on the package reads that adults should use a full spread of gel on the toothbrush, and a pea-sized amount for children’s usage. I suggest following the recommended amount, to be sure that you’re getting the total whitening experience. Also, keep in mind that it may cause staining in some fabrics, if this product comes into contact with it, so be careful not to clean your teeth while wearing your favorite shirt.

I didn’t have to do much convincing to get my girlfriend to try it out also; the result spoke for itself. In doing the same exercise she, too, noticed the exact optical whitening effect, proving that this stuff really does the job.

Priced at P59.70 per 100 g at the Landmark Supermarket, this is now officially my “date toothpaste.” 😀


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