Remembering my first bike ride

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Life, Personal
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Who doesn’t remember their first bike ride experience?

The gift that wasn’t mine to have 🙂
I remember my first bike ride like it was just yesterday. My first bicycle was a small, red, metal beauty. I was just 7 or eight years old then. My parents actually bought that bike meant for someone else (it’s actually a gift for someone), but I coaxed my mom relentlessly to let me have it. Needless to say she gave in and the bike became mine. The bike was quite small for my size, embellished with stickers, and came with training wheels. I sat on its narrow seat and stepped on the pedals without driving it, just so that I can familiarize myself with the feel of the rubber handles, the reflectorized pedals, and the faux leather covering of the brake lever.

Nervous anticipation
When I was comfortable enough, I started pushing the pedals to make the wheels go forward. I was already pedalling, but I was still a bit nervous. I didn’t want to lose control of the speed, even when it was like less than 5 kph (I was still starting. Give me a break!). Needless to say again (but I’m still gonna say it anyway), those two extra wheels gave me a sense of security and steady balance.

The “accidental” racer
With bravado filling my entire body, soon I was pedalling faster and faster. I was beginning to race by my lonesome; circling our spacious lot. I was more concerned with my driving, that I failed to notice a wide rock sticking out the pavement. The left training wheel got caught in it causing it to bend and be loose. That was the first time I fell on my bike. Luckily, I didn’t get hurt. No one wanted to fix it, though. The momentum on my bike riding lesson stopped to a hyperbolic screeching halt. But that was just for that day.

The buzzkill
I woke up early the next morning feeling agog and raring to go for round number 2 with my steel ride! But with a broken left training wheel, my parents told me it couldn’t be fixed that day, so they just decided to unscrew that part completely, leaving me with only the right wheel…well…left. My mom told me not to ride it until it got fixed. Knowing how stubborn I could be, you should expect me to do the opposite, hehe.

Thinking straight
Riding the bike became awkward. Since the bike had crashed before, the only training wheel available was on the right side, which was a little bent too from the impact sustained from my accident.  My body was slant upon riding it. It was a crazy thing for me to be biking that way, so what I did was I tried keeping my body and my bike  centered and perpendicular to the ground by jerking my body to lean towards the left a bit. I soon realized that I might fall on my left side because of this.

And at last!
It didn’t happen. I found myself enjoying the constant jerking that by the time I realized it, I could see that I was balancing on just the two big wheels! I told my mom that I wanted the spare wheel removed. My mom was reluctant at first but I showed her how I was biking, and guessed that It would make sense to remove the remaining wheel. After that it made me feel proud that I was able to learn riding a bike and accomplish something quickly, like learning to ride a bike on two wheels in such a short span of time. 🙂

Do you remember your first bike ride?


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