No longer just a ‘gurl thang’

Posted: December 4, 2010 in Musings, Products
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Finally, men’s grooming is no longer restricted to just a shaving blade, a shaving cream and hair gel. More and more skin care companies are offering grooming products that were once exclusive to gals, that guys surreptitiously used as well. That time in high school was an awakening for me; I saw a lot of my straight guy friends using women’s facial cleanser to wash their man-faces. That time, I wasn’t fond of using toners, and even moisturizers—just Tender Care soap and water. Boom! That’s it, I’m done! But, I was also thinking as to why toners and moisturizers didn’t come in ‘for men’ labels when it’s a silent fact that most adolescent guys were already known for using Eskinol product lines that they borrowed from their mom or sister. 

The dawn of for-men-too products started off with the launch of Splash roll-on deodorant for men, I think. I can’t verify this, really, but this was the first TV commercial I can remember showing a deodorant specifically made to protect “man-pits” from odor and sweat. Since Gillette and Old Spice weren’t commercially available yet, this was the cheaper, local alternative. 

Today is vastly different. Men’s faces get the guy-pampering that was once elusive, and maybe taboo back then. Now, there’s an ever-increasing space in the shelves of supermarkets and department stores stacked with facial care products meant to entice all the Adam’s out there. It’s safe to say that a complete line of facial skin care for men is within our reach. Guys need to be neat too, am I right? It’s better for men’s faces to be practically spotless, than to see the ugly sight of pimple and acne marks. Plus, dermatologists recommend everyone to follow the clean-tone-moisturize regimen, anyway. NIVEA and L’ORÉAL (brands that used to manufacture skin care products solely for women) for example, are going all-out to support the needs of every male individual in search of that one total daily skin care package. 

But besides facial skin care, shampoos and body wash for dudes are now a dime in a dozen. And it keeps on getting better because the latest product I’ve heard to venture in the squeaky-clean department, is a wash for the delicate private area or more commonly known in the gigolo world as “man-gina.” I don’t know if all the guys out there would be willing to use this, though. I personally don’t, but those that do say it makes the manly part smell minty fresh with a cool feeling!

Moving on…

Cap-a-pie, new and/or improved guy’s thangs—whether it’s for grooming, cleaning, or otherwise—will come out of the woodwork eventually. Speaking of otherwise, for now I’m just eagerly awaiting when men’s casual leather shoes will be available in colors other than black, brown, and white. FYI, adding color can make a drab outfit still stand out, so I just don’t have a clue as to why it’s supposed to be just those three until now when it’s already the 2000’s.


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