The old jokes that we still laugh at

Posted: December 4, 2010 in Entertainment, Humor, Life, Musings, Products
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While listening to “The Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar” radio host Chico Garcia talk about a favorite old joke of his back when he was still studying, I remember where I read that joke the first time. It was inside the pages of my old and dilapidated Jingle Chordbook Chapter XXX magazine dated 1976! It’s from my cousin but she gave it to me when I was in grade school, just–you know–FYI.

I still have the copy of perhaps two of the trailblazers of local chordbook magazines here in the Philippines. Jingle magazines and Moptop magasongs are the full magazine format of the more familiar and streamlined ‘Song Hits’ magazines of the ’90s. Back in the ’70s and ’80s, these thick publications just cost around 4.50PhP to 7PhP.

Though apparently no longer in mint condition as shown in the images above, the contents still remain timeless. I especially enjoyed reading the Grin Page section of Jingle, which compiled and highlighted selected comical relief in the form of jokes and short funny stories by some of its senders. To some of us, these jokes may be old, but they will continue to remain fresh when you pull these wisecracks in front of a new generation of youngsters eagerly waiting for a chance to guffaw. 

Enjoy reading a few of these classic jokes. (May contain a green joke or two. :P)

Patunayan mo nga

The handyman

Exchange briefs

Nanay at anak

Sing out loud

Lastly, my favorite and Chico’s, too…

Say it twice, baby


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