Girls and their “extended” relatives

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Humor, Life, Musings
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For us guys we say “pare” (buddy) or “utol”/”‘tol” (brother/bro) copiously. Mostly, this term comes up during casual conversations with a fellow or usually with our close guy friends. Girls (and gays), on the other hand, seem to be related more and more to each other, as it turns out.

The homologous female expression for ‘‘tol’ which is ‘ate’/”te’ (sister/sis), o yung may lambing sa dulo na ”teh’ (or the more softer toned, sistah) appeared in female casual conversations, I guess, in the early part of the new millennium (I’m talking about the Filipino term).

But it didn’t stop there. Now…

They start calling random guys ‘kuya’ (big brother).
I think this is endearing.

They call each other ‘ate’ or ‘‘te.’ (or ‘‘teh.’).
I think this is okay.

They call their homosexual companions ‘bakla’ or ‘bek’ (gay or, well, gay [or gek?]).
I think this is entertaining. Maybe redundant.

They call each other ‘bakla’ or ‘bek.’
I think this is freaky.

I’m not stopping; it gets even weirder…

When telling stories, they refer to
-female/male showbiz personalities
-complete strangers
as  ‘ang lola/lolo mo’ (your grandma or granny/grandpa or grandpappy).

I feel I have to give each and every one of my “extended” lolos and lolas gifts this holiday. Based on the number of people who said it, that’s a lot!

Are women becoming more like gays, or are gays becoming more like women? I’m confused at this piece of conundrum. Ano ba talaga, kuya?

Now I’m stopping. 😛


Note: I’m not poking fun at girls or gays or anybody. Just saying. 🙂


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