Is this how your desktop looks like?

"Mr. Monk and the Attack of the Icons." I just made that up. 😛

I very much dislike it when I see columns of program icons on a desktop; I want to cringe at the sight of it. All I want to see on my desktop is my wallpaper and maybe a few useful widgets. My desktop screen has been clean as a whistle, thanks to a method I found on the Web almost a decade ago, on putting your program shortcuts in folders and categorizing them accordingly, and accessing them by way of the Start Menu. This procedure may add a few more clicks to open your programs, but I don’t mind it as long as everything’s neat and in order. Accessing my desktop icons via the Taskbar as a toolbar may be quicker, but I also don’t want it occupying that portion of my screen.

From an older OS. This is what a Windows desktop should look like: No icons and shortcuts of any kind. Folders containing my program shortcuts, neatly arranged on the left column of the Start Menu. And folder icons changed to represent their more fitting images.

From a new OS. I used the wallpaper image of one of my favorite TV characters, Adrian Monk, as backdrop to the Slideshow widget. It's nicely situated, don't you think?

If you’re like me and you have a lot of those icons, you may use an old freeware software like RocketDock (which makes your PC look somehow like a Mac), to help you better manage those shortcuts to your liking; at the same time adding and improving aesthetics. After upgrading to a new OS early part of this year, I’ve since moved my shortcut folders from the Start Menu to my RocketDock application.

Showing where my RocketDock is located—which conveniently tucks away, when the mouse isn't touching the top edge of the screen.

A juxtaposition of two desktop screens. Which do you think looks better?

Whatever option you choose, it’s better to stash away those desktop icons than cluttering them all over and messing up the appearance of your beautiful wallpaper. What a Windows desktop should be? Clean.

  1. I used to have RocketDock on my pc… kaso medyo bumagal yung pc ko kaya inalis ko rin.. but maybe i’ll use it again 🙂

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