Greeting 2011 Bulacan-style

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Events, Musings
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Ever had the chance to watch a fireworks display in Bulacan on New Year’s Eve? For me, it’s the best place to be, ushering in the new year! Bocaue, being the fireworks capital of the Philippines, truly makes fine pyrotechnic materials. All around our house, you could see those colorful, dazzling lights and hear almost a cadence of explosions, as we watched the heavens transform into a tapestry of abstract sky paintings; ending the year that was 2010.

Take a glimpse of the Bulacan night sky 7 minutes before 2011.

…and this video a minute after midnight.

For some unknown reason, the videos look jerky on my WordPress page. You may view the smooth video playback instead on my YouTube page.

First part here.
Second part here.

  1. Mon Peralta says:

    Matatapos din naman….ü

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