Funny thing about women and waiting

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Life, Musings, Personal

And by funny, I actually meant NOT FUNNY AT ALL! What’s the deal with these women and their lack of patience to wait? Here’s some of my experience with this kind, which I’m able to recall:


GF and I were waiting for a cab outside Trinoma mall near the Mindanao Avenue side, where the taxi stand area’s located. We were standing at the end of a short queue. 3 more commuters appeared and lined up behind us. Suddenly, a short and thin-framed girl stood beside us. We thought she was looking across the street and waiting for someone, so we’re not really mindful of her actions. Just as the queue moved, the girl then surprisingly moved in front of us. We dismissed any thought of this girl trying to cut in line, since clearly she should’ve seen that we were lined up like the rest in the queue and that the end of the line was behind the three new fare. Alas! We were totally wrong! When taxis began appearing, she brazenly just entered the taxi when it was supposed to be our turn! What a pipsqueak!


GF and I were in an internet café and we were standing in front of the cashier, waiting to be assigned our seats and be logged in. I told the cashier in advance that the two of us would be using the internet. Cashier was typing and talking to a co-worker, so we waited for them to finish their business first. Moments later a woman lined up after us. While the cashier was still talking to her co-worker, the woman behind us blurted out, “Miss, miss, mag-internet ako! Dun ako sa seat 26 upo, ha!” I was surprised that that woman just did that even when it’s lucid we were first to be served. What’s shocking to me was that when the cashier was thru talking, not looking I assumed she was asking us “Name po,” since we’re in front of her. But this woman behind us mentioned her name right off the bat and quickly walked towards her station, so she was seated first instead of us! I let the woman cashier have a piece of my mind. All she was able to come up with was a lousy, “Di bale, di ko pa naman sya nila-log-in.” Yah! Like that’s the whole point! Sheesh!


I’ve lost track of where I found a certain kiosk before, so I approached the Concierge’s station, to ask a lady concierge for directions as to where a it was located (Note: it’s supposed to be just a brief conversation). While both of us were obviously in the middle of conversation, a girl walked up to her and was deliberately trying to interrupt and get the concierge’s attention by pestering the attendant to look back at her with repeated and annoying utterance of “Excuse me!” I was asking myself if this girl was incorrigibly oblivious or just plain daft. The girl kept trying to butt in, so both me and the lady concierge lost focus on the directions she was giving me. Girl stopped only after five unsuccessful attempts. Good thing lady concierge was a real fine lady and attended to me first. Though the girl’s excuse me’s left me feeling like there’s horrible tintinnabulations in my ears until now.


Since there’s currently on-going repairs leading to Glorietta by way of SM Makati, pedestrians are detoured to the end of the street where there’s a stoplight, to be able to cross the road leading to Glorietta 4. While the light was green, people coming from Glorietta and from SM were on a standstill, waiting for the traffic light to go red so everyone could pass. But to everyone’s amazement, this one lady decided to cross the street, recklessly, as if she was a VIP, where cars stopped just for her even if it was still a go-signal, or as if there was no enforcer manning the flow of traffic. People gazing at her from either end were just dumbfounded upon this singular entity making her way to Glorietta. What’s also peculiar was that she was grinning all the way, as if she was being shot in a commercial. Yep, as if!


As all of the passengers alighted the MRT train off North Avenue Station, these people, including me, began piling up in all available exits (exits that were actually useable), where a virtual race ensued: all wanting to be the first to get out, or get out first and fast altogether. Naturally, at some point, a line would get formed and people would follow suit, including yours truly. But some of the commuters had the nasty habit of pretending not to see those queues and trying to get ahead of everyone, by forming their own line at the exit itself.

Okay, so it’s not just women who do this; but it can be frustrating and it does happen all the time.

Where is order? Heck, where are these people’s propriety? We are continually heading towards a scene of bedlam and chaos, if women like these—alright, people, in general—keep on with this it’s-gotta-be-me-first-even-if-I-wasn’t-really-first attitude. They think that it’s okay for them to inconvenience other people so long as it doesn’t happen to them. I strongly believe in karma. And when it gets them, I hope they’ll learn from it.


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