A refreshingly new “American Idol”

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Entertainment, Musings, Opinion, People, TV Programs
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American Idol

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In spite what the ratings show, I believe ‘Idol’ still has a lot to offer

Season 10 of “American Idol” gained some dubious reception from me at first. For one, replacing original judge Simon Cowell for legendary rocker Steven Tyler might have seriously been a big mistake. Don’t get me wrong here—Simon’s acerbic wit was too much to handle, but he did put the show, and the raw talents, in their right place under the spotlight. Though Simon wasn’t really expected to return to this year’s ‘Idol,’ I just thought that they would go for another seasoned music producer. But the minute I watched the start of the show, Tyler and fellow fledgling judge Jennifer Lopez and veteran judge Randy Jackson blended well, and matched the correct chemistry that formulated the original judges’—and the show’s—TV success. Who would’ve thought that Steven Tyler could be a real hoot in front of the camera? He’s not as sharp-tongued as Simon (which is…refreshing), but the fact that he’s in the music industry for so long, he knows what he’s talking about; and knows how to deliver it with a punchline. And notice how he gets into that feel-good vibe where he closes his eyes and shakes his head a bit, in a gesture of appreciation of a real good singer’s outstanding performance and vocals. You know that he really likes what he hears. And Jennifer Lopez is a very fine addition to the circle of critics. Like JT said, she brings “sexy back,” and a lot more. She’s the gentle side of chaos.

I must admit that I only got interested watching this weekly extravaganza after its second season, with Fantasia Barrino winning the top prize of this prestigious talent search program. But after several years, the popularity pretty much waned as it continues to age; however, still remains a producer of great singers.

This season, I’m surprised to find myself completely captivated and engrossed with AI’s current roster of ‘Idol’ hopefuls. I have had the pleasure of watching their hometown auditions and their Hollywood performances; which I believe this latest season has the most collection of stellar voices and excellent presentations to date.

Below are some of the standouts in the individual and group performance of last week’s Hollywood week:

Precocious kids singing “Somebody to Love” 

Not really the group, but the pipes of James Durbin is awesome. Randy seemed to have awaken from slumber. I can’t help but compare him to Adam Lambert, though 😀 

I so love this group performance! It makes me want to get up and groove

Casey Abrams’ very cool and unique performance. I will definitely be watching out for more from this guy! 

Sure his selection of spectacles isn’t that good, but he sure can sing that good 

I really like his style of singing. And he can deliver very well, too 

They’re all amazing in their solo performance!

This week, the ‘Idol’ hopefuls are singing Beatles’ classic songs! Can’t wait for it!


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