So just how “adik” can an addict be?

Posted: June 16, 2011 in Humor, Life, Musings, People
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A colleague of mine recounted what happened while he was commuting from work, as he saw a pregnant woman who’s busy sniffing solvent in the jeepney, in plain sight. Beside her was a sack containing empty ketchup bottles (?).

A male passenger saw what the woman was doing and couldn’t resist chiding her for her unlawful and disgusting action. The man told the adik:

Tingnan mo’ng buntis ka, tapos nag ra-rugby ka pa!”

The rugby user, looking as if already high on solvent, alarmingly went berserk at the passenger: pulled out one of the empty bottles  inside her bag, broke the bottom half into shards, then pointed the bottle at the man’s direction in a threatening manner, like those done in bar fight scenes in movies!

As she did that, she vehemently, and perhaps also poignantly, reasoned out:

“Gusto mo ba saksakin kita d’yan?! ‘Wag mo ‘ko pakialaman! Ito pinaglilihian ko! Kung tae pinaglilihian ko, yun ang sisinghutin ko!”

Ay sus! Adik nga naman! They say the darnedest things! ‘Wag tutularan, key?

Going back to what she said…in a way, it sort of profoundly makes sense, though, right?


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