The joys of lego-building

Posted: December 26, 2011 in Entertainment, Events, Life, Musings, Personal, Products
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Lego bricks

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Ah, yes. ‘Tis the season of gift-giving, once again. Remember the days when Lego was such a cool, simple toy and lego-building was a hugely fun hobby? Well, I decided to gift my nephew a box of 190-piece BanBao brick toy as his Christmas present. Since my nephew craves for those Lego PSP video games, I¬†assume he’d get a kick out of the real thing and chose that over a Transformers Mechtech toy of the same amount to try and introduce to him one of the toys I grew up playing with. My 7-year-old nephew never grew up even playing with toy building blocks as a toddler so I guess he wouldn’t really play with it, but I still got it for him to see if he would have a bit of fun trying to build it. I had actually¬†played with simple Lego bricks (the really plain ones that came in different colors); not like the ones where it came with particular shapes that take the form of a specific model. In this case I figure I’d give him a fighter plane model.


As expected, on Christmas day when he opened his present, he wanted me to build it for him so I pretty much assembled it brick by brick. Though he did take pleasure in building the Lego human pilot as there’s really not much¬†effort into completing it. It was then when¬†I realized he’s really more into the Lego¬†video game than the real thing. Anyway, the supposedly¬†easy-to-follow manual for constructing the model that came inside the box wasn’t¬†very¬†easy at all, as some of¬†the parts¬†shown there¬†didn’t highlight¬†exactly where¬†they were to be correctly placed. I spent almost half an hour in vain trying to figure out where some of the bricks were supposed to go, so I got confused building the middle of the fuselage of the plane¬†down to the tail part. I almost gave up until I asked myself why I should be forced to try and finish building the exact model, when I could try to come up with a different type of aircraft.

In that spark of¬†the¬†moment, it brought back the kid in me. My frustration, as an adult, in trying to build the exact toy model, was gone. And I used my imagination where those other pieces would fit, to create a new and possibly better design. As a kid I normally let my mind wander around and release my creativity and ran my imagination wild. I once built a Superman and a Voltron (my own Lego robot version that detaches into 5 lions) model using just¬†the¬†basic Lego bricks I had. It was really fun then. Well, as of this writing, guess I am still having fun now! Who would’ve thought that¬†this simple, rudimentary¬†toy would let me feel like a kid again.
And here’s the finished model (not¬†exactly the same as the one drawn on¬†the front of¬†the box, huh? Hehehe):
I’ve made about four different designs already. Here’s the latest one:
Cool, isn’t it? I almost forgot that this toy isn’t mine, haha! I had to return it. But my silly nephew isn’t really taking pleasure in playing with it, saying that it’s fragile and he might break it. He’d rather play with the Lego human figure as he’s more familiar with it because it looked like Lego Indiana Jones. I¬†reckon I’m just gonna have to give him some time for him¬†to learn and¬†appreciate it unless he thinks that lego-building is a¬†pass√© hobby.
Kids today‚ÄĒwhat do they know?
I truly had fun with this type of Lego set. Imagine¬†the¬†many ways¬†you can create with just this one model. Now I’m thinking, why not buy and build the other model (the military truck), then combine all¬†the pieces to come up with an entirely unique structure! That’d be truly awesome, right? ‘Til next time, readers. Enjoy the rest of the days of 2011.¬†New Year¬†is fast approaching!
*Photos by yours truly.

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