Where’s the rest of my change?

Posted: August 24, 2012 in Economy, Musings, Opinion, Personal
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I’m just wondering why a lot of local big-time mall owners aren’t equipped with the proper small change to give to shoppers that buy their merchandise. You know what I’m talking about, right? Those items being sold at department stores which have at least five centavos change or more, that they don’t hand over as they don’t have the right denominations or loose change in their cash registers. The old saying does hold true that “a little goes a long way.” If they intentionally apply that adage and they do that to all customers every single day of the week, think of all the extra profit they earn each month from the multitude of people who flock to the malls day in and day out and never have the right amount of change given to them. It’s getting to be a common pratice at almost all stores in the mall I go to nowadays. Is this being investigated at all? And now, it’s not just the malls that do this frowned upon practice; it’s already metastasized to other establishments, too. Just recently I renewed my driver’s license and the same experience happened to me there. This is getting bad. Sure, they’d say things like, “Sir, okay lang po ba na kulang ng twenty-five cents,” but a change is a change. And it’s MY money. Another mall that I frequent to doesn’t even bother to tell me that they lack the proper coins to give me when I purchase their products. Sheesh! And before all this came to be, it was the norm before that jeepney terminals gave P1 worth of candy in lieu of the actual amount, as they didn’t have the actual P1 coins to issue as change. How crazy was that?! Well, in the end, I hope things like these will change (pun intended).


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