A possible new snatching M.O.

Posted: January 24, 2013 in Life, Musings
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My friend was about to board a bus when some guy from the back went behind her and then started kneading her face wildly. All the while, theft was already taking place as the guy (dressed in tattered clothing and with a dingy appearance), in a sleight-of-hand motion, managed to take off with one of her earrings, still secured to her ear lobe. She only noticed that her golden earring was missing when she got home. Good thing she remained unscathed after the incident.

She wasn’t able to react to the guy as her impression of him was that he’s a crackpot, which left her standing in stunned silence at the whole scenario. Apparently, the guy was just feigning his strange behavior as he walked away nonchalantly with his loot as if nothing had happened. My friend said that nobody reacted differently at the sight of what just took place. Could be that it’s already a common occurrence in the area. Just letting you guys know about it.

Be safe, everyone. Pass the message along, if you can.


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