Attack of the cosplayers

Posted: January 27, 2013 in Current Events, Musings, News
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Just how safe is it to go to the mall— thinking you’re just gonna window shop or shop-till-you-drop on a laid-back weekend? You look over to your left and you see a milieu of stores abound, displaying their smiling gilded-coated felines just persistently waving at you to come inside and purchase its wares. You look over to your other left and you come across a gang of “inconspicuous” cosplayers—something becoming commonplace nowadays here. All of a sudden the mood changes when, in true synchronized action flick fashion, they pull out an array of armaments hidden in their persons, and declare a forceful stickup inside their hapless marked target. The mass, with their gunshot-induced hysteria, can only cowl in fear while waiting for rescue. No Midnight Sale except panic and madness in sight.

A mall can just be as impregnable as the next concrete fortress. But with poor line of defense, it’s gonna be easy to score. But then again, the very next day they’ll be stringent once more, alert once more, guarded tight once again for the next couple of weeks. And just wouldn’t you know it, a new set of animé-cloaked criminals are already conniving; waiting and itching to pounce on the next victim they’ll see next that puts its guard down. It’s an all too scarily familiar cycle.


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