Getting fake massages

Posted: January 30, 2013 in Humor, Life, Musings, People, Personal
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I frequent this barbershop in the mall back home whenever I need my hair trimmed. Part of their service nowadays is giving free quick massages before you get off the chair sporting a new, clean-cut ‘do. One of the barbers there who has given me a haircut quite a few number of times in the past gives fake massages, on occasion. How do I know it’s fake, you ask? Well, I know a massage when I feel one (or should I say don’t feel one) and that’s no real massage that he’s giving. It’s kinda like he’s pantomiming the whole act and just giving the impression of a massage. I actually find it quite entertaining, to be honest. To the fullest of his abilities, he would assume the position of a masseur and would sorta make his hands tremble a bit as he’s rubbing me so people would buy into the whole stunt he’s trying to pull, and to let them think he’s putting that much effort on me. To be more convincing, he’d also do this facial expression that he’s all out of air from the kneading action while pretending to do a shoulder and back massage, when all he really did was rub my shoulder very, very lightly (though, again, his look and fake action will tell you otherwise); gave a hint of a rub down on my back; and would end the whole “tedious” one-minute ordeal with a cursory pat on each shoulder. Let me tell you, that guy might’ve had confused the word ‘quick’ for ‘fake.’ It’s a real WTF or short for What-The-Fake moment, hehe. But in the back of my head, I actually found it amusing!

I should’ve asked him if he was a mime before he got into the haircutting business.


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