A pretty much lame-ass repartee

Posted: February 2, 2013 in Humor, Musings, Short Musings
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I grew up listening to once famous (now infamous) white rapper Vanilla Ice. While I was giving props to the I-C-E by rapping his hit rap song (“Cool as Ice”), wife butted in and was quick to give her piece of mind about my rapping à la Vanilla:

“Yeah, right. Vanilla Ice, you say? More like Vanilla…”

Now, instead of coming up with a word that’s supposed to sound like ‘ice,’ she totally fumbled with the spelling, and, out of nowhere, came up with…


“So, Vanilla ‘Yes?’ That’s what you’ve come up with,” I mused.

“No! I meant ‘eyes!’ E-Y-E-S! Vanilla Eyes,” she retracted.

But too late, wifey! That was really, really…


*Photo from Google search.


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