Waking up on the wrong side of the jeepney

Posted: February 8, 2013 in Musings, Short Musings
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(“Gago ka! Hindi ako tanga! Katayin kita dyan, e, ha!”)

“You fool! I’m not stupid! Come here and I’ll tear you apart!”

(“Posasan kita dyan, makita mo, gago!”)

“Want me to cuff you, you punk?!”

Words yelled by a jeepney passenger to his driver.

All this started less than a minute after driver made a request to the PUV barker to wake up his sleeping passenger. (“Pre, gisingin mo nga yung pasahero sa pinaka-likod. Baka lumagpas na ‘yan!”)

(“Hey, man, wake up the passenger seated at the rear. He might miss his stop.”)

Poor driver got threatened just for trying to do the right thing so that sleeping passenger wouldn’t miss his stop.

After mistreating the driver, he leaps out from the jeepney, and memorized his license plate number.

Tsk, tsk. What a D-bag!


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