From Sender with Spam

Posted: September 28, 2013 in Musings

I didn’t know I still had some old drafts lying around here. Think it’ll still be good to post this.

Don’t be fooled by some of the name senders popping up on your email Inbox. Before opening that new mail from someone whom you think you know—STOP! Spammers try to conceal their true email addresses by convincing us that the mail is coming from someone on our Address book. Some site notification alerts like those coming from Facebook aren’t spared from being unwitting tools of these dirty ruse.

On Yahoo! Mail and Gmail (where I chanced upon this), you can hover your mouse on the name sender column, and their real email addresses appears as a tooltip.

On the second image above, this is definitely coming from a spammer. Moving your mouse over the name of the sender reveals that “Facebook alert” is actually used by a spammer to hide their real email address. But this email has already been detected by my Yahoo! Mail as spam, so no worries about this mail.

Of course, this isn’t entirely fool-proof. Some spammers who are more clever can make a spam mail appear from a legitimate email address, making them come up on your inbox. Just be wary.

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