Edmund: that’s not a hard name to say, or spell, right? Well, think again. I can still remember as far back as high school when people asked for my name and I would tell them that it’s Edmund, they would write it down as “Edmon.” I mean, come on, I pronounced the “mund” part of my name clearly and it’s still “mon”! That’s how I ended up giving myself this nickname. But here’s where the irony comes in—when people who know me ask for my moniker, they’re wondering where “Mon” came from. D’oh! That’s life for you!
Speaking of life, I have seen and heard, and encountered many silly occurrences from moments that have passed, to what just happened to me this day, or whatever. Those which I can recall I often recount to my girlfriend and make her smile, chuckle, laugh, or guffaw. I also have these musings which I only talk about it when I’m with her, because usually I’m reticent and just keep it all to myself. Now I’m sharing these ruminations and frivolous experiences with the world because, you know what, sometime’s life’s a comedy—funny or otherwise—just waiting to happen.

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