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Ornate Vases

Posted: June 10, 2018 in Musings, Poetry
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An ornate vase is quite beautiful
And bears no remarkable flaws
Especially that which is admired
For its far more splendid and notable
Efflorescent blooms
But when the moment arrives
When it has outlived
Its sole purpose and existence
And all its priceless ornaments stolen
From its hollow embrace
The once adored and pristine
Flower vessel
Becomes a meaningless and
Worn out fragile shell
And cracks begin to slowly form
Yet goes unnoticed
Soon it falls, breaks and shatters to dust
Never having realized
It had been unpolished and weathered down
By age and fleeting memories
That it can no longer hold
For it had remained still
In silence for so long
Enduring the pressure of emptiness


Silent World

Posted: May 28, 2018 in Musings, Poetry, Short Musings
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Rain droplets fill this silent world
Where chaos has always been unfurled
Pristine dirt remains untainted
And pubescent histories are being spoon fed
Where lies and truths are one and same
Just halves of what they cast and claim
When you can soar then you can be free
And grow in the dense concrete jungle trees
Make each a silent world no more
And greatness can again be finally restored