My complete blog post listing. Welcome to my mind.

September 2012
Take it away, Mon!

August 2012
Where’s the rest of my change?

December 2011
The joys of lego-building

October 2011
The Glass Garden: a lovely place to hold our wedding reception
How the magic happened – Edmund and Christine engagement

June 2011
Minsan tayo’y naging magkaibigan
So just how “adik” can an addict be?
Some noteworthy things in “X-Men: First Class”

May 2011
Just when we thought…

April 2011
Riding the jeepney then; riding the jeepney now

March 2011
Are we having a baby or a gadget?
Mark Calaway’s multifaceted Undertaker

February 2011
A refreshingly new “American Idol”
My band’s album cover

January 2011
Funny thing about women and waiting
Iba pag kliyente ka na
Greeting 2011 Bulacan-style
Screen Captures are helpful

December 2010
Play with firecrackers…responsibly
The crisp new 20!
What a Windows desktop should be
Watch out for those hyperlinks
Girls and their “extended” relatives
No longer just a ‘gurl thang’
The old jokes that we still laugh at

November 2010
Remembering my first bike ride
An underrated lovable DreamWorks film

October 2010
You can’t see me!
Welcome back, Batibot!
My “date toothpaste”
Unfathomable universe
2-D or not 2-D? That is the question
I’m a “later bloomer”
Beating mosquitoes and dengue the DoST way

September 2010
Comic book superheroes WILL come alive
An encounter with the fastest typist in the world
Time travel: just moments away from reality
‘Wag nang tingnan kasi
Duct tapes are super awesome!
The new iPod Nano as a watch?
What we didn’t know about black holes
The best Batman animated film I’ve seen so far
Ghosts in your sleep?

August 2010
Surname blunder
The chocolate monster
Brazil’s rare “pillar of fire”
Looking through a child’s eyes
No bad light can ever put a Filipino down
A mismatch indeed! (Ip Man 2)

July 2010
P-Noy: Leading the Philippines by example

June 2010
I want an Akita Inu
An ’80s to mid ’90s campus life compendium
Isang daan at labi ng dalawa
A real “shoe”-in
Wow, men, labo!
Lesson learned
My RX 93.1 ‘TMR moment’
The Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather 2010 brouhaha
10 random movie titles you should rent or own. Seriously
My guitar survived the ’90s, allegedly!
SMS-ing your vote at the next election. How’s that sound?
Guys’ new best friend: Nivea ACTIVE 3 for men {Shower.Shampoo.Shave}
Let the ban remain
There is life after 2012

May 2010
Speechless, eh?
That j3j3 thing you do


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