Things I found funny or quirky, or an attempt at being funny. 😀

Take it away, Mon!
So just how “adik” can an addict be?

Some noteworthy things in “X-Men: First Class”
Just when we thought…
Are we having a baby or a gadget?
Iba pag kliyente ka na
Girls and their “extended” relatives
The old jokes that we still laugh at
I’m a “later bloomer”
Comic book superheroes WILL come alive
Time travel: just moments away from reality
‘Wag nang tingnan kasi
Surname blunder
The chocolate monster
A mismatch indeed! (Ip Man 2)
A real “shoe”-in
Wow, men, labo!
Lesson learned
10 random movie titles you should rent or own. Seriously
Speechless, eh?
That j3j3 thing you do



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