Posted: May 15, 2018 in Musings, Poetry
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I am depression, desolation, and desperation hiding behind a thousand smiles. And from the normal life I so vicariously live, there has been a silent cry for tears to show. Yet no one notices a blossoming wallflower in the corner of their eyes.


Contribute to the solution, not to the problem

Slow vehicles, keep right‘ is a road sign you may have passed by a couple of times every few kilometers apart on the expressway. Bad motorist behavior–traffic, in general, has been my perennial pet peeve. I’ve had my more-than-fair share of bad encounters with this typical rude/road scenario on every hi-way I have ever driven on. Traveling steadily at 70 kph in the entire course of the overtaking lane on the highway is–

+ simply an unacceptable driving practice;

+ plus, it makes you look self-entitled and arrogant; and,

+ most importantly, you probably don’t realize this (or maybe you do but rather choose to neglect and be a d-bag about it) that you’re the one [deliberately] setting off the slowdown and eventual traffic jam. Think about it. You are that specific motorist who’s contributing to the persistent traffic woe we’ve all been trying to deal with and fix for the longest time. The same absentminded driver with repeated complaints of nationwide traffic congestion and how it’s yet to be solved by past and current government officials.

So the next time someone flashes their headlights or honks their horn at you from behind, and your foot is still gently stepping the accelerator of your car whilst hogging the leftmost lane; it’s best to acknowledge this and resort to carefully switching lane (not by ignoring) and letting the car pass (and not by refusing to budge). Or–just don’t be on the overtaking lane entirely if you’re gonna be driving at a slow pace the whole time. Not only will you–

+ look like a considerate human being;

+ but will make you appear to contribute to the traffic solution,

+ and that is a good start

I’ll repeat: Contribute to the solution, not to the problem.