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Yes to war on traffic and bad motorist behavior that spawns traffic in the first place 😡😡😡


I don’t like it when people try to take advantage of someone simply because he’s well-off. On my commute back home, the driver’s radio system was on, which leaves his co-drivers’ on-air conversation audible for the passengers of the FX taxi I was riding. One of them caught my attention as he was saying that he just got bumped in the rear of his motor vehicle. It happened on the same route where our ride was plying. Shortly after, our driver saw the accident between the fancy SUV and the worn-out Tamaraw FX taxi, and slowed down to check up on the condition of his pal’s misshapen rear car door. Having assessed the damage myself, it was clear as day that the UV Express taxi bore the brunt of the collision. Later on, as we’re continuing our commute, a different guy on the radio began yelling and was advising the taxi driver who got hit, to ask for Php 15k as compensation for the damage, since he’s rich. Another fellow listening in on the same frequency heard that and said that he just “hit the jackpot” and added that he should be repaid Php 30k! Now, I’m no car insurance expert or something, but even at Php 15k that was way too stiff. I have it pegged at Php 8-10k, tops!

That’s the price you pay for when you’re rich. The driver of the SUV might have been speeding, or could have been tipsy the whole time behind the wheel (that’s for a different story), but no one has the right to demand an absurd amount on someone simply because he has the means to pay it.

Shame on you!