Let’s be serious for a moment. If change is coming, it’s not coming from us.

I have read some articles from last year that we are on the verge of experiencing another global extinction (true or not); a cataclysmic event [this time] of our own doing. But what’s truly undeniable and clear as day is that we have severely taken planet Earth for granted and have purposely maimed her wondrous beauty. We have all contributed to wasting the life and magnificence of our world by creating ubiquitous heaps of garbage, and dumping it like the planet is our own big, personal trash bin. And as palpable as the sea of trash that flowed down the streets of Roxas boulevard, and as relentless as the monsoon rains that continue to pound and increasingly worsen our pluvial woes, the fact remains that the number of years planet Earth has left, keep dwindling away more and more, and flooded places seem to metastasize like a horrible plague. Will we allow this path of destruction to go on, or will we go down the other road and choose to change and care for our only home? It is still, after all, our call.

And because I just can’t stress this enough–if change is coming, it’s not coming from us.

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Ornate Vases

Posted: June 10, 2018 in Musings, Poetry
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An ornate vase is quite beautiful
And bears no remarkable flaws
Especially that which is admired
For its far more splendid and notable
Efflorescent blooms
But when the moment arrives
When it has outlived
Its sole purpose and existence
And all its priceless ornaments stolen
From its hollow embrace
The once adored and pristine
Flower vessel
Becomes a meaningless and
Worn out fragile shell
And cracks begin to slowly form
Yet goes unnoticed
Soon it falls, breaks and shatters to dust
Never having realized
It had been unpolished and weathered down
By age and fleeting memories
That it can no longer hold
For it had remained still
In silence for so long
Enduring the pressure of emptiness